“Thieves come at night or when you are on vacation, and this problem only affects single-family homeowners …” That’s what many people think, but the reality is very different. The truth is that in most cases they enter during the day, when no one is home. The myth that the holiday season is the one of thefts is long over. Thieves mostly act in the autumn-winter months.

And in most cases, they are not dedicated to single-family homes. About three-quarters of all home burglaries occur in multi-dwelling blocks or buildings. This is so because they are usually poorly protected and the inhabitants do not worry much about security either: often the portal is open or the neighbors open it without more with the intercom. The thieves enter the building without problems and in addition they also have free access to the basement area. The most exposed in residential buildings is the ground floor, because it is easy to access windows and balcony doors. This does not mean that the upper floors are safer, since the entrance doors to the house are not protected and are easy to open.

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