Bravus Mx Pro Magnet

Maximum security

High-end security
  • Latest generation of anti-copying magnetic system, patented until 2037.
  • Anti-extraction, anti-drilling, anti-bumping and picking, certified by the SKG, achieving the highest grade of 3 stars.
  • Double anti-snap system through pre-snap sections and a reinforced steel bar.
  • Contains a Modular system for incredible ease to adapt to different size of doors.
  • The multiple technical protections prevent general reproduction of the key via 3D printing.


Here is how to measure your cylinder

From/Desde: 156.99



The Magnet system: Efective protection

Smart Magnet technology and the patented Intellitec key and cylinder system, effectively prevent the lock from being operated with unauthorized keys. As a result, the Bravus Mx Magnet provides reliable protection against ilegal 3D printed key copies.

The magnetised cylinder also achieves the highest levels of security in durability, lock corrosion resistance, fire resistance and pick resistance.
SKG´s independent test institute has certified Bravus MX Magnet Euro profile cylinders in the highest safety class, SKG 3 stars.


The patented Intellitec system

The patented Intellitec system guarantees high protection against unauthorised key copying as well as high protection against tampering.  The Intellitec system offers a unique combination of patent protection through 2030, trademarked with no coverage deadline, and technical protection against key copying.

The four security levels of the Bravus system contain the patented Intellitec system, which offers unlimited possibilities to create unique locking systems.
The high stability and the newly developed wavy key contour make the New Bravus reversible key system a high-quality product created and manufactured in Germany.

Risk factor: Illegal key copies

Have you ever considered if your keys could be copied without your knowledge or consent?
On numerous occasions we are forced to hand over our keys, be it home or office keys, to various people. How can we be sure of the complete honesty of these people; employees, trades, etc.?

Unauthorised key copies are often in circulation without the knowledge of their owners.  Most of the keys on the market use simple key profiles that are freely available in catalogues of main manufacturers of key blanks, therefore, they can be copied anywhere that produce key copies.

These copies are practically impossible to trace and could jeopardise the safety of your home or your installations.  As the owner of a locking system with universal/open profile cylinders, you may not be aware of those who are keeping unauthorised copies and ultimately access to your doors.

Additional information

Size A

30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 60 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm

Size B

30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 60 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm



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