Security lock for sliding doors and windows

MagnetoLock is a product developed to give an elegant, practical and economic solution to the security problem of many of the doors and windows installed.




Security lock for sliding doors and windows

The current problem with the sliding doors and windows is the ease with which the intruders can open or dismantle them to enter another´s home.


The weakest points of security are usually:

  • The dismantling of the window from the outside.
  • The fragility of most current locking fixtures.
  • Leaving windows open to ventilate and cool the house in hot weather.


Advantages offered by MagnetoLock

MagnetoLock is a patented product that differs from other systems because it groups the following features into one device:

  • Adds three levels of protection to windows and sliding doors.
  • It allows the total blocking of the sliding door or window.
  • It allows having the window or door to be blocked even if it is open.
  • It prevents the sliding door or window from being dismantled from the outside or forced open.
  • Prevents children from opening windows even if they are left slightly open.
  • It doesn’t need keys, it’s magnetic and easy to put on and take off.
  • It’s very easy and quick to install. You can do it yourself.
  • It’s economical to buy.


MagnetoLock installed on a sliding window

MagnetoLock has different types of installation, the most recommended, easy, and effective is shown in the image.  However, it can be placed in different ways for specific needs.

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